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VJNL is a wholly owned undertaking of the Government of Karnataka, incorporated under the Company’s Act 2013 as a Special Purpose Vehicle to cater to the drinking water and irrigation needs of drought-prone areas of Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Davangere, Hasan, Ramanagara, Bengaluru (Rural), Kolar and Chikballapura districts.

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The eastern districts of Karnataka; Kolar and Chikkaballapur are frequently affected by drought due to erratic rainfall and absence of any perennial source of water for drinking purposes for the populace as well as livestock in the region. It is a long standing demand of the people in the region that a permanent and dependable source of water be identified and these areas are supplied with assured drinking water. Furthermore, the ground water table in these regions has reached alarming depths due to over exploitation, as a consequence of which the available ground water is contaminated with harmful salts like Fluoride, Nitrate, etc. in excess of permissible level.

Various studies were undertaken to identify the sources of water to supply to these districts. During the course of such studies, one of the proposals which was considered apt to be taken up for further consideration was harnessing west flowing Yettinahole, Kadumanehole, Kerihole and Hongadahalla originating in the upper reaches of Western Ghats near Sakleshpura. It is proposed to divert about 24.01 TMC of water from these streams during the monsoon period from June to October. The proposal is to divert the excess flow by constructing 8 weirs restricting the height to avoid any submergence.

Upper Bhadra Project is a major lift irrigation scheme under implementation in the central region of Karnataka State. It envisages lifting of water in first stage from Tunga to Bhadra and lifting of water in second stage from Bhadra reservoir and providing it to Tunnel near Ajjampura through gravity canal in Tungabhadra sub-basin of Krishna basin from there to irrigate an extent of 2,25,515 hectares by micro irrigation in drought-prone districts of Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Tumkur and Davanagere and to fill up 367 tanks coming under the drought prone taluks of the three district through Chitradurga branch Canal and Tumkur branch canal. The primary objective of the projects is providing susbtainable irrigation facility in Khariff season and the other objective of the project is to recharge the ground water table, dilute the chemical contaminants of which Fluoride is predominant.

The Gayatri Reservoir is constructed across Suvarnamukhi river near Kariyalla village in Hiriyur Taluk of Chitradurga district in the year 1963. The total length of the reservoir is 1021.53 m with gross storage capacity of 27.63 mcum (0.97 TMC), dead storage capacity of 9.55 mcum (0.34 TMC) & live storage capacity of 18.08 mcum (0.63 TMC). The total water spread area of the reservoir is 1831.00 Sq Km.

The VV Sagar Dam is constructed across Vedavathi river near Marikanive village in Hiriyur Taluk of Chitradurga district during the year 1897 to 1907. The Vedavathi river is a tributary to Krishna river. The main object of VV Sagar Project is to provide irrigation facility in the drought prone areas of Chitradurga district. This Project provides irrigation to 25,000 acres of land by constructing a non-over flow Dam of 43.28 m height (142 ft) above the lowest river bed spanning between hill abutments for a length of 405.50 m (1330 ft). The irrigation is proposed under high level canal taking-off from the main dam on the left bank and, left bank and right bank canals taking – off from Kathrikeyanahalli Anicut constructed 8 kms below the Dam.

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